Czech Express 1

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Lída Holá


Czech Express is a fast Czech language course aimed at students of all nationalities encountering Czech for the first time. It serves as a practical gateway to the language and forms a solid foundation for further study, while at the same time is also completely appropriate for those whose aspirations stretch to "survival level" Czech. The twelve short and lively four-page lessons deal with basic communication situations which a foreigner realistically might face (for instance Kdy se sejdeme? (Where shall we meet?)V restauraci (At a restaurant); Hotel, byt, dům (hotel, flat, house);Doprava (Transport); U doktora (At the doctor's) etc). In these sections, the complex Czech grammar is simplified to the maximum, while cases are not presented in typically drab tables but rather by usingg easy-to-remember models. At the same time, the textbook incorporates a wide range of useful drill exercises since the author, otherwise renowned for her modern and progressive approach to language study, on this occasion decided to take heed of her old teacher wisdom that drills are "boring but necessary". The text is complemented by an array of colourful photographs and original textbooks. All twelve texts to the lessons are written in Czech only which means the textbook has universal appeal. In the case of language changes, grammar tables appear at the end of the text and vocabulary. The methodical manual which is available free of charge on the internet will no doubt bring pleasure to teachers. Naturally, a key to all exercises has been provided not to mention a CD with a quality sound recording of the texts. The textbooks may also be used for summer intensive courses. The CD of the same name accompanies the study CD from the Langmaster company

Teacher's Manual for free here: Czech Express 1 by Step - Manuál pro učitele

Paperback, coloured pictures and photographs, 108 pages, 240 flashcards, with a CD (80 minutes), 499 Kč. – ISBN 80-86903-17-6