Why is the Czech Express coursebook no longer available?

This coursebook has been completely replaced by the revised and extended two-part publication Czech Express 1 and Czech Express 2, which suits the requirements of the A1 level better. This coursebook is now available in English, German and Russian forms. We believe that you will also be satisfied with this coursebook.

Will the Czech Express 1 and 2 coursebooks be continued?

Yes, we are planning a Czech Express 3 (A2/1) coursebook and Czech Express 4 (A2/2), but it takes time :-). The work needed for each coursebook is very demanding.

How is Czech Express different from NEW Czech Step by Step/Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt?

Czech Express 1 and 2 cover basic communication topics in short lessons. As its title suggests, it is intended to help students make fast progress and is meant for people who want to be able to communicate in everyday situations in a relatively short time. So it is also suitable for shorter, intensive courses. In contrast, NEW Czech Step by Step/Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt goes more slowly, providing a greater amount of practice and uses a more traditional, more grammatically oriented method of teaching.

I've finished the Czech Express coursebook with my students. Can I continue with the NEW Czech Step by Step / Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt coursebook?

Yes, you can continue on from Czech Express with the help of the coursebook NEW Czech Step by Step / Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt very well. It is, of course, possible to revise everything from the beginning with students who need it but a good 'entry point' to the coursebook is Lesson 5 (at the restaurant) or Lesson 10 (travelling).

Why is the Czech Step by Step 2 coursebook labelled as level B1 according to the Common European Reference Frameword when the previous volume, NEW Czech Step by Step / Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt has the same label?

The coursebook Czech Step by Step 2 was based on the official description of the Threshold level of B1 for Czech as a foreign language and brings students to this level. In connection with this we have to admit our mistake and apologise for the incorrect labelling of NEW Czech Step by Step / Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt. There are a number of reasons for this discrepancy. The first is the fact that at the time when NEW Czech Step by Step / Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt was first produced the Czech description of Threshold level B1 (Prahová úroveň, 2001) was not available, and even now is not easy to find, and so we worked from the English language description of this level (Threshold, 1990) and from English language textbooks intended for this level. The second volume, however, needed to respect the demandingly conceived Czech level description in relation to linking to the level description with a view to testing. Lack of experience in working with levels according to the Common European Framework also played a part, as this was something completely new for me and an area of which there had been only minimal expert discussion in our field.

Can I teach Slav beginners using Czech Step by Step 2?

Slav students can, of course, use the Czech Step by Step 2 coursebook at an earlier stage of learning that speakers of other languages. However, work with this coursebook should be preceded by a course in writing in the Latin alphabet (for Russians, Serbs and Bulgarians) and a basic course in Czech (e.g. Czech Express 1 and 2). I teach using the Czech Step by Step 2 coursebook. I found the key for only some of the exercises in the internet teacher's book. Where are the others?

You can find the key for the exercises which are focused on speaking, reading and listening skills in the Czech Step by Step 2 teacher's book. You can find the keys for the other exercises in the appendix to the printed coursebook in the Key to Exercises on pages 234-242.Are you considering producing a third volume of NCSBS / TSFS at present? I worked for five years on the NEW Czech Step by Step / Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt coursebook, and it took Pavla Bořilová and I three years to produce Czech Step by Step 2. At the present time we are not considering writing a third part, although we do not rule out the possibility.

Your coursebooks are relatively expensive. Why aren't they cheaper?

Our coursebooks have been produced without any kind of state support or grants. In setting the price of a coursebook one needs to be aware of the structure of the costs, i.e. how much of the price of a book goes on distribution (i.e. warehousing, transport, bookshop costs), how much is made up of value added tax (VAT) and other costs. From the remainder it is necessary to pay not only the cost of graphic design, actors, photographs, illustrations, editing, language proofreading, translations, sound studios, production, making the CD and final printing including paper, but also for the years of work by the author(s) and publishers. When considering the price of a coursebook we recommend you take into consideration how much students pay for an hour of teaching, for example, in comparison with the price of the coursebook. Moreover, teachers and regular customers also appreciate the individual system of discounts which we offer for bulk or regular purchases – see below. We also recommend looking in internet e-shops and on search engines where you can find coursebooks with discounts of up to 25%, e.g. www.heureka.cz

I teach using your coursebooks. Can I copy several pages for my students?

It is only possible to make copies for your own use (e.g. for your own study). If you teach Czech, this is for commercial use and is illegal.

I am a bookseller, can I order the coursebook directly from you?

Please contact one of our distribution companies, which have 100% coverage in the Czech and Slovak book market – see our website at www.czechstepbystep.cz.

I would like to order 1-3 copies, could you please send me them to be paid on delivery?

Unfortunately not, but we hope you will be pleased with the postal services of our distributors, which are offered as a rule for internet orders and also further discounts. You can use our website which will connect you to the e-shop company Kosmas, alternatively we suggest searching on internet e-shops and search engines, where coursebooks are available with a discount of up to 25%: www.heureka.cz

We are a language school, foreign bookseller or exporter and we would like to order 5 or more coursebooks. Who should we contact?

Please contact us at books@akropolis.info and ask for specific information about our business terms. For language schools etc we give discounts for larger orders and in relation to method of delivery/collection. If you are a foreign payer of VAT within the European Union, we can supply you goods free of VAT – if you send us your tax identification number.

How can I pay for the coursebook? Do you accept payment by credit/debit card?

Our German Euro bank accounts can be used for this, so that within the EU you can pay by the standard method by payment transfer for the price of payments within your country. Unfortunately, we cannot accept payment by payment card.

How long will it take for the coursebook to be despatched (for a new or foreign customer)?

After we receive your order you will get an invoice for a deposit, the coursebooks are despatched within 3 working days of the invoiced amount being credited to our account. It can speed up the process if you send us proof of making the payment, for example. You also need to take into account the postage time by Czech Post – see 'How long does delivery of coursebooks take by Czech Post?' - or by courier service (from 7 coursebook upwards).

How long does it take for coursebooks to be despatched (existing customers)?

For partners in this country, with whom we have worked successfully for a longer time, we send out orders immediately without a deposit invoice. See 'How long does delivery of coursebooks take by Czech Post or courier service (within Prague)?'.

How long does delivery of coursebooks take by Czech Post?

You can best find out information about postal services through Czech Post from their website www.cpost.cz. There you can also use an interactive calculator with which you can get an idea of the postage costs for the quantity ordered ( New Czech Step by Step/Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt or Czech Step by Step 2 weigh approx. 1 300 grams, Czech Express 1 700 grams. However, you need to add at least 1 000 grams for packing. You can find the exact weights on our information leaflets and with the publication details on our website. Alternatively, we also deliver coursebooks within Prague by courier service or you can – by prior arrangement – collect the books yourself from one of our warehouses.

Why do I get 2 invoices – from Akropolis Publishing s.r.o. and from a physical person?

Both Akropolis publishers with same name were involved in the creation of our coursebooks during the publishing process. When invoicing we have to respect the fact of which body published the coursebook and which printed it. When ordering multiple copies of the coursebook it may happen that you will receive 2 invoices and you have to distinguish between 2 bank accounts for payment, even though you receive the goods in 1 package, etc.

I would like to order a book to be sent abroad. Is it possible?

Yes and no. It would be simplest and also usually cheaper, as far as postage costs are concerned, to order a book from one of our foreign partners. Take a look at the list of countries on our website where it is possible to buy our materials. Some of these partners also give discounts to teachers and schools or send them to countries other than where they are located. We also try to pass on individual orders sent to books@akropolis.info primarily to them. When communicating always show which type of coursebook you are interested in and, above all, where you want it sent to.

I would like to buy just the workbook for the coursebook, or the CD on its own. Where can I order them?

Unfortunately, the coursebooks are only available as complete sets. For practical reasons, and for reasons of prevention of illegal copying of our materials, we only sell them as a set.

I couldn't find these coursebook in my bookshop. The bookseller informed me that it is out of print or that no one could supply it to them. Is this true?

Generally it isn't, in today's book market it doesn't happen that a distributor would not supply goods which a bookseller is interested in. It is much more probable that the bookseller or their unmotivated employee did not order the coursebooks or order further copies. Try to persuade them to do so, or take advantage of the option of one of our distributors' e-shops.

Can I order the Teacher's manual in printed form? How much does it cost?

We offer the Teacher's manual for download completely free (sem prosím vsunout odkaz na Manuál pro učitele). We are preparing for the future the option to order a printed manual as well. This will also be available through the usual distribution channels as all our materials, the electronic form will still be available for download free of charge.

Is it possible to meet the authors some time?

We offer the possibility of organising a meeting with the authors for you and the teachers in your school. We also organise similar meetings abroad in co-operation with Czech Centres, please, follow our page on Facebook.