The year 2020 brought a number of new challenges. It also brought new phrases: who had terms like coronavirus or face mask in their active vocabulary? Just as language education had to rapidly move online in the spring of 2020, trends in publishing traditional printed textbooks and making them accessible have been changing as well. While traditional materials are still invaluable for teaching, the truth is that not only the risk of a pandemic, but also logistics or delivery costs are often a serious barrier to their distribution. That is why we have responsed to numerous recent requests and inquiries from teachers and students for access to the electronic forms of our textbooks by creating e-versions of some language versions of them. We have chosen the proven platform We would like to introduce the platform to you in more detail here.

What is ISSUU?

ISSUU is an online streamed PDF. It cannot be printed, but thanks to the versatility of the HTML5 format, it can be accessed practically anywhere: in any web browser on a Windows PC or Mac* or in the application on Android or iOS devices on your cell phone or tablet. The files we have made available are enriched with dual navigation (internal and external), which makes working with our textbooks more pleasant and intuitive, and also easier.

Although maximum utilization of textbook navigation requires an Internet connection, offline use via a streamed PDF is also possible (you can find the procedure for offline use below in the Frequently Asked Questions section).

How can I navigate through the textbook?

1. Internal navigation allows you to navigate the site: 


– You can click on the contents of the textbook and the link will take you to the different chapters:

– the symbol of a house at the bottom of the page will take you back to the textbook contents

– you can follow the links to individual parts of a unit from each unit’s introductory page

– Click on the pink page number to go to the glossary for the page:

– Click on pink highlighted links in bubbles and tables to go to the Appendix and summary tables:

– unit sections marked A, B, C, etc. allow you to click through to the corresponding parts of the Workbook (only for Čeština expres)

2. External navigation leads to other online materials:

– allows you to play audio recordings 

After clicking on the track number or the ear symbol, a nested video will appear (also separately accessible on our YouTube playlist profile here). Additionally, you can also download all recordings as MP3 files directly from our website.


– the computer symbol with the exercise number refers to the online exercises that practice the subject matter (available separately here)

– the letter T symbol leads to progress tests, which review the material of that unit (separately accessible as part of the online practice)

– the letter F symbol gives access to online flashcards, reviewing new vocabulary on each page of the unit (only for Čeština expres 1–3, separately accessible here)

How can I purchase the e-version of a textbook?

There are three options for gaining access to the textbooks:

a) Go to, choose a textbook and click on its e-version. Then click BUY. (Attention, the ADD TO CART button is for the printed version. For the e-version, click the green BUY button.)

b)  Go to, choose a textbook and click on it, e.g. Then click on the button for the e-version of the textbook and click BUY. If there is no e-version button, then the particular textbook or language version does not have an e-version, such as the Adapted prose series.


c) Go to and enter the textbook title in the search bar. Choose the language version of the textbook you want and click BUY.

2. Clicking on the BUY button takes you from the e-shop to the ISSUU website, where you can pay for the book. Here, enter your e-mail address and credit card details. (Attention: you can only pay by card, other forms of payment are not accepted.) Click to accept the I ACCEPT THE TERMS OF SERVICE. Then click again on SIGN UP & BUY. This completes your payment. 

3. You will then need to confirm your ISSUU account in the e-mail that should have arrived in your e-mail’s inbox (make sure you check your spam!). Click on CLAIM ACCOUNT and enter your password in the appropriate boxes in the new window. Then reconfirm your login in the following e-mail. After that, you will see DONE. Clicking on it will log you into your ISSUU account, which you will then be able to use repeatedly for additional purchases. 

4. In your ISSUU account, you will find purchased content under READ (top right). If you hover over it, you should then see Purchases. Use this to open the textbook and use it as you are used to doing.

How can I apply a discount code?

I have a discount code from you or my school to get the e-version of a textbook, what should I do?

Click on the link with the code, it looks like this If this is your first contact with ISSUU, enter the e-mail address you want to use to create an account with ISSUU. (Make sure you enter your e-mail address correctly. To activate your ISSUU account, you will have to confirm the e-mail address you entered using the link from the e-mail delivered to your inbox.) If you already have an ISSUU account, log into it by clicking Sign in.

fter entering your email, check I accept the Terms of Service and click on the red REDEEM PUBLICATION in the bottom right corner.

A thank you page will appear.

You can continue to the textbook in READ ON ISSUU. You will then find the textbook in your purchased content (READ / Purchases) the next time you log into your ISSUU account.

If you follow the instructions, but clicking on the address with the code takes you to an error screen,

this means that the code has already been used by someone else. If you previously redeemed the code, it’s possible that you did so using a different e-mail address. Try logging into your ISSUU account using that address. The codes are unique and the code used cannot be transferred to another user or to another e-mail address. If that happens, a new code will have to be ordered. In this case, contact us at . Instructions in English can be found here.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the e-version of the textbook cost? 
We have chosen a simple pricing policy: the e-versions of our textbooks cost exactly half the price of the printed ones. The payment is a one-time payment and access to the content is “lifetime”, i.e. as long as you keep the ISSUU account. 

  • Čeština expres = 8,25 € per licence
  • Česky krok za krokem 1 = 12,40 € per licence
  • Pracovní sešit (Workbook) of Česky krok za krokem 1 or Česky krok za krokem 2 = 4,66 € per licence
  • Česky krok za krokem 2 = 16,10 € per licence

  • Prices are in euros because prices at ISSUU are quoted in this currency. Most major cards are accepted for payment*.

    We would like to buy access for our entire course. Do you provide any discounts?
    Yes, for bulk orders we are happy to provide additional discounts, as we do with printed textbooks. A bulk order can be paid for in Czech crowns via bank transfer. The specific discount depends on whether the order will be for printed textbooks and their e-versions at the same time, or only for e-versions of textbooks. For orders of more than 5 copies or e-licenses, we offer a volume discount – please contact us at

    Do I have to pay for my ISSUU account?
    No, you do not. Customer account registration is free and you just need to verify your e-mail address. You do need to pay to add our textbooks to your account. This is similar to e-book readers and the content you put on them. Payments can only be made by credit and debit cards.

    Which textbooks already have an e-version? 
    The following e-versions of our textbooks are currently available:

    Will you make all textbooks accessible this way?
    We are not planning on any other language versions in the near future. We believe that online teaching needs will be sufficiently covered by the English and Russian language versions.

    Can I print the pages?
    No, it is not possible to print the pages of the e-versions.

    Can I download the textbook into my computer, as a PDF file for example? 
    Textbooks cannot be downloaded onto a computer; they can only be used in your ISSUU account. However, you can use them in your ISSUU account on your mobile phone or tablet even if you do not have an Internet connection, i.e. offline. In this case, however, textbook navigation will not work. 

    For the offline mode: download the free ISSUU application (for Android or iOS) onto your mobile device (smartphone, tablet). Then log into your ISSUU account (instructions for Android or iOS). You will find your purchased textbooks under the heading My content. You can use the Android or iOS tutorial to download textbooks for offline use. 

    Can I write in my textbook?
    Unfortunately, you cannot do this. Such interactivity would require much more complex programming than we have available. However, during online lessons, for example in Zoom, it is possible to write down what you need (e.g. the correct answers to an exercise).

    In what commonly available communication channels (programs, environments) can I use the e-versions?
    Teachers can display their e-versions through various communication channels (e.g. Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, MS Teams, TeamViewer…). However, each student should have their own textbook, either printed or e-version. Please respect copyrights to allow us to create more materials for teaching Czech.

    Can I lend or make my e-version available to other users?
    No, that’s not possible. ISSUU includes protection against copying or illegal sharing that can easily be detected. Purchased content is always unique to the end user. In case of misuse, the publisher and ISSUU reserve the right to cancel a customer account without compensation.

    I cannot sign into my ISSUU account, what should I do?
    Try requesting a password reset by clicking I don’t remember my password below the login form.

    I don’t see the ISSUU page at all, the browser says that access is blocked. What should I do?
    Unfortunately, our users have recently encountered geoblock in some countries. We believe that the situation will not be long-term and recommend users to use tools such as VPN.

    Do you need more information?
    Look in the ISSUU help manual or do not hesitate to contact us at .

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