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Čeština expres START is a preparatory course for Czech as a foreign/second language, which can come before work with A1 or higher-level textbooks. All of its seven units focus on everyday situations from practical life. The course introduces students to objects which are all around them (their classroom or room, everyday objects) and it teaches them how to orient themselves in situations which they can encounter on a daily basis (shopping, directions).

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preparatory material for A1 (What are language levels?)


Lída Holá

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Radana Lencová

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Frequently asked questions
Why aren’t there more grammar explanations in the Start prep material?

The material is designed for instruction only in the target language, without an intermediary language (L1), and for this reason, it has no way to even provide such explanations. Students do perceive grammatical principles, but they master them in a similar way as in their mother tongue, ‘on the fly’ so to speak, by deriving grammar rules from practical examples through observation and listening, and through the frequent repetition of simple structures.  In this way, they learn to speak Czech naturally and without fear, from the very first class.

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